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What People are Saying about Nevada Haus German Shepherd Puppies ~ Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials | What People are Saying about Nevada Haus Puppies

We are so blessed to have our special dog...

Tom, Rodrick out of Nice & Voltan, we originally got him for our son who has a disability, but soon found out he was pawing and waking me up during the night. He wouldn't leave me alone. I explained this to the vet and the vet said there might be something wrong with me .. I went to the doctor and explained what was going on and they immediately sent me for testing. I was diagnosed with epliespy. Its been a year since Rodrick diagnosed me. I still have small seizures every day, but it is manageable with medications. Last night Rodrick detected something and was pushing up against me. He was correct I was able to take medication so my seizure wasn't as bad. I wasn't able to go to work this morning , but the seizure could have been a lot worse

Thank you !!!! We are so blessed to have our special dog.


Your pups are the best in breeding I have ever seen...

Thom, your pups are the best in breeding I have ever seen, their intelligence, strength, protective loving nature is far beyond anything I could have asked for


I have given your name to several people, don'know...

Hi Thom

Thought I would give you a quick update on Usher, now "Tim". He's doing great, learns very quickly, eats like a horse and is getting very protective. Everywhere we go he gets complimented on his striking good looks. He is still a little shy but sizes up a situation fast. He's getting better. Poor guy runs around with lipstick on his snout most of the time from my wife forever kissing him. I have given your name to several people, don'know if anyone has actually called you though.

~regards James Martin~

He is a great addition to our family...

Hey Tom and Jennifer. This is Danielle who just came to get the puppy last week ! Happy Thanksgiving. The puppy is wonderful! His name is Jagger, and we are enjoying him sooooo very much. He is super fun and very clever, we did some marker work and he now comes, sits and lays and sits to wait for doors to be opened, is kennelbroke, and housebroke for the most part (just a couple pee accidents) and has adapted great! Oh, and goes very well on a long line. We go and socialize most days and he is so great

He is a great addition to our family, and it looks like we will all be moving back to Germany (baden-wurrtemburg ) at the first of the year. so Jagger will live in Deu Deutschland! Its so pet friendly there , so he will get to go everywhere with me all the time

Thanks again for the wonderful puppy, and have a super Thanksgiving


I can't speak highly enough about Jennifer and Nevadahaus GS...

We bought Zip the beginning of 2013, looking for a GS to be a family pet/ alarm system and buddy for our two year old son. I started e-mailing back and forth with Jennifer, describing our busy life with a toddler and a new baby on the way. She went to work finding us the dog that would complete our family, being honest about dogs that wouldn't. You can tell they really know the dogs they work with and breed- which is one of the many reasons I can't speak highly enough about Jennifer and Nevadahaus GS. When Zip first met us he was immediately enamored with our son. The two of them hit it off and even now, every morning our son runs into the kitchen and yells for "Zeeeeeeeeeeep!" to give him breakfast. Zip follows him everywhere, cleans up afer him (mmmmmmmm, food) and is concerned and upset when he's hurt or crying. With our new daughter, Zip has to be by her side at all times. He's such a gentle giant with both kids. We also adopted a stray kitty and they even cuddle together. I couldn't imagine a better fit for our family than Zip. He listens, he's smart, he remembers all the commands he's been taught. He just wants to be a part of our family at all times. I always know I'm safe with him around and my kids love having a playmate with them. We jokingly call him "Lady Nana" like the babysitting dog from Peter Pan. We can't thank Jennifer enough for helping us find such an incredible animal for our family. (Photo above is Zip and his little boy, Jack)