Nevada Haus German Shepherd Breeders

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Welcome to Nevada Haus! 

When it comes to finding a German shepherd breeder, we know you are looking for people who have the experience, knowledge, and care to breed the perfect dog. You can trust Nevada Haus when it comes to purchasing our German shepherd puppies for sale. Not only do we regularly import world class champion German shepherds for breeding purposes, but we pay strict attention to SV standards, regularly give our dogs’ health checkups with a licensed veterinarian, and sell all of our dogs with a written guarantee. That way you can be confident knowing you will only be receiving the best when it comes to a Nevadahaus German shepherd.

Most importantly, we raise our dogs in a caring, family environment beneficial to both their physical and mental health. We invite you to check out our client testimonials, view pictures of some of our past German shepherds, and browse our selection of currently available puppies and adult dogs. Our entire team is dedicated to breeding the best German shepherds on the market, and we cannot wait to show the quality our dogs have to offer.

For more information about Nevada Haus and the German shepherds we have available today, contact us now.

At Nevada Haus we breed our German Shepherd puppies from Championship West German show dogs

The pups we have for sale are good sized, black and red in color, and they exhibit wonderful intelligence and temperament

We have elbow and hip certifications through either the SV in Germany, or OFA in the US for our breeding German Shepherd dogs

Thanks to having German Sieger Champion Dogs in their pedigrees, the pups we have for sale are world class

You will find our fairly priced puppies are similarly priced to German shepherd puppies in West Germany

Typically, puppies with top-notch West German bloodlines range from $2200-$3500

Each of our puppies are veterinarian checked long before they leave our kennel, and throughout their development

We socialize our puppies in our kennels, providing them with the foundation they need to develop to their best potential

The breeding program we use was meticulously designed to develop superior family German Shepherds

We love to help our clients find the perfect German Shepherd puppy for their family's needs

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